So You Want to Start a Clothing Company (Any Ecommerce Business)

13 Feb 2019

In 2009 I launched my first business. It was a clothing company that we ran for 4 years. In that time, we were partnered with two charities and ended up setting up Canadian manufacturing. It was a lot of fun building a brand and team. Since I started there have been many people who have approached me asking my advice on starting their own brand. I thought it might be interesting to write a little bit about the universal advice I would give to someone who decides they want to try and build a clothing brand to sell on ecommerce.

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Building a Team | Month One

03 Feb 2019

One month ago I had my first full-time employee start at Renga. Our team is growing and I am both incredibly excited and a little nervous. The stakes seem higher, but it’s right where I know that I need to be.

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Owning a Home

22 Jan 2019
My whole life, I've been told that real estate is the best investment. It is near to a sure thing. Owning a home started to feel like a requirement to growing up. Now that I am here, I'm seriously questioning whether that should be the case.
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Overwhelmed by Tools

21 Jan 2019

Today I had the feeling of anxiety from digital clutter, not necessarily to scary full desktop with zero organization, but rather the way that certain processes happen and all the tools I need to run through.

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Finding Focus

19 Jan 2019
An area that I am committing to working on this year is focus. I have always prided myself on the ability to juggle many things. What I have recently learned is that I am not very capable of sitting down and doing deep work on one thing.
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